DMC Research Laboratory

Besides services that provides, Digital Media Center also operates as a research laboratory for Computer Graphics and Cultural Heritage Digitization. The laboratory is implementing research projects and employing Masters and PhD students of SSST to work on their scientific education. Apart from the SSST staff and students, the laboratory collaborate with many scientific, cultural and educational institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.


DMC Coordinator: Dr Vedad Hulusic

Researchers/collaborators: Dr Selma Rizvić, Dr Belma Ramić-Brkić, MoE Aida Sadžak, MSc Vanja Jovišić, MSc Zana Karkin, MSc Mirsad Festa, MSc Đejla Mahmutović, Bakir Husović, Namik Mešić, Nermin Šehić, Ammar Makic