SSST Hosts a Series of COST Action Events

A series of events as part of the COST Action IC1005 EU project took place at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) from March 4 - 8. The main objective of the Action is to integrate, foster and grow innovative academic and industrial activities in High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology from multiple disciplines and sectors across Europe in order to agree on a set of effective standards for the entire HDR pipeline.

This COST Action will achieve its objectives efficiently and effectively by carefully coordinating and benefitting from existing expertise, high-quality research facilities and state-of-the-art HDR resources across Europe. Agreement on the set of high-quality standards will enable seamless exchange of results between partners for all stages of the HDR pipeline. Furthermore, open access to these standards will allow others to engage directly with HDR’s activities. The primary and secondary objectives will be achieved through the activities of four Work Groups, the deliverables, and the training and public engagement activities.

The events hosted by SSST included:
- HDR 2014: Second International Conference and SME Workshop on HDR imaging
- Gender Imbalance event
- COST Action IC1005 Work Group meetings
- COST Action IC1005 Management Committee meeting

The events included around 100 participants, among which were 40 world experts in the Computer Graphics field from 24 European countries as well as 60 female high-school students who participated in the Gender Imbalance workshop. Dr. Vedad Hulusić, one of the project Management Committee (MC) members and the local organizer, said that organising these events was a great challenge as well as an exceptional opportunity for SSST and Bosnia and Herzegovina to enter the EU scientific community and to represent our country and our research endeavours and capabilities. There are two more project meetings to follow: in Brno, Check Republic (2014) and Vienna, Austria (2015).