The Wolf in Love

The Wolf in Love“ is the first Bosnian interactive, bilingual, electronic book and serious game for children, based on the children's play and the printed book. The printed book is adapted to the electronic use by changing the way of interaction and adding a whole new layer for learning.

Learning Framework for Children With Autism

This project is a result of a desire to make the application, which could help children with special needs in learning basic concepts - shapes. Furthermore, this is the first application of its kind in Bosnian language (with support for other languages​​), which these children have used.

COST Action IC1005: The digital capture, storage, transmission and display of real-world lighting (HDRi)

The natural world presents our eyes with a wide range of colours and intensities from moonlight to bright sunshine. We can see detail in regions that vary significantly in luminance. Current imaging techniques are incapable of accurately capturing or displaying such a range of lighting. Some areas under-exposed and others over-exposed. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging can capture, store, transmit and deliver real-world lighting. This gives a step change in viewing experience, for example the ability to clearly see the football when it is kicked from the shadow of the stadium into sunshine.

Interactive Digital Media Presentation of Butmir Neolithic Culture

The most prominent cultural wealth of Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered to involve the remnants of medieval cultures in the region and notable architectural heritage of the Ottoman rule. Cultural richness of Celtic, Slavic, Roman,Illyrian and even older civilizations that had existed in this area had not been preserved largely, whereas their greatest achievements have remained unexplained, thus being subject to numerous research analyses conducted, at intervals, since 1893 until nowadays.

Virtual Reconstruction of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Mostar

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Mostar had a great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a religious, as well as a cultural heritage object. Its dominating position, its size and appearance, were making it one of the most beautiful and most important Orthodox buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. This church was completely destroyed in 1992.