Multimedia 3D presentation and the 3D printout of the Saborna Church in Sarajevo

Saborna church in Sarajevo was built in 1874. The goal of this project is to create a high quality multimedia presentation of the object, both interior and exterior part, web presentation, DVD presentation, panoramic photographs and the 3D physical models of larger scale, as well as the prototype for creating souvenirs.



This kind of object presentation would enable the believers and visitors to get familiar with the object through Internet and to purchase the DVD and souvenir after the real visit. That would enrich their experience and offer them more information about the object.

Dr. Selma Rizvić, project coordinator
Mirsad Festa 3D modeling, web design, DTP, computer animation, flash adaptation
Edin Pašović, photographs
Alessandro Artusi, panoramic photo

Jerej Borislav Livopoljac
Protodjakon Mitar Tanasić

3D print of the model is done by MTTC.


Link to the project