Virtual reconstruction of the Viziers' Konak in Travnik

Old Viziers’ Konak in Travnik is a building that used to be the residence of the viziers during the Ottoman Empire. Over 77 viziers have been ruling the county for over 150 years from this place and decisions that directly affected our predecessors were made here.

This is an example of cultural heritage that has been neglected in years after it was built, by its initial habitants as well as their successors.This led to its devastation and finally it was torn down in 1960’s when its sole existence and historical value could not offer enough justification to be preserved for the future generations.

The main reason why this object has been abounded, although all possibilities and reasons for its protection were available, can be found in misunderstanding of educational meaning of the object for future generations and ways it can be used to reveal very important part of the history of the town.

In this project we will use architectural visualizations methods to reconstruct visually realistic and appealing 3D model of Konak.

We want to achieve the following goals with this project:

  1. Revive cultural value of the object by using virtual reconstruction methods for presentational purposes in order to educate broader public who is usually unaware of importance of the objects they cannot visualize.
  2. Digitalize documentation about an object, collect all available resources and make them easily accessible for the public. This documentation will be used for creating digital stories about the object in the following phases of the project.

Final goal is to provide enough justification and tangible evidence for the broader public to start perceiving Konak as an important part of our cultural heritage that should be more emphasized and set in the range of those examples of cultural heritage that have been wildly recognized and accepted.

Its long term ambition is to inspire and provide means (technical, financial …) for possible physical reconstruction of this monument.